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A comprehensive (and honest) list of UX clichés

  3 MIN READ  |     2481 views  |     30 April 2020

Here is a comprehensive (and honest) list of UX clichés within the digital design agency space. Many of these are very entertaining and quite relatable (if you're a digital designer). Read on and learn something new, or have a chuckle if you've fallen victim to any of these.

Using Typography to Establish Brand Identity

  4 MIN READ  |     1075 views  |     16 April 2020

The great thing about typography is that it always makes sense. You do not need to read between the lines to get the point of an idea. Everything lies just on the surface. But, even though it’s self-explanatory, type is still able to provide our designs with a compelling, story-like feel.

2019 UI and UX Design Trends

  12 MIN READ  |     684 views  |     27 March 2020

It feels like we’re getting somewhere with all the tools, advancements in technology, and growth of our understanding of how user-facing products really have to work. Sooner than later, we’ll develop the mindset for universal design that encompasses everything we produce, and not just sell. The way we do things for ourselves needs better design choices. The way we even sound as nations can be designed in a better way. Still, a far cry from where we could be in the future, let’s get into the interface and experience design trends of 2019.

Understanding the Meaning of Color Within Design

  4 MIN READ  |     408 views  |     9 March 2020

Color is the perceivable characteristic of light; We see different colors because some objects reflect/absorb specific wavelengths. Human eyes perceive these wavelengths as colors. You can’t use only a single color in your work even if it is a site, logo or a business card. It needs to be a combination of two or more colors to be effective. Unfortunately making a wise mixture poses a tough choice; the modern monitor displays can render more than 16 million (16,000,000) colors. Therefore it’s very easy to make a wrong choice.